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Baltic Business Forum 2012 – we are awaiting applications

Jacek Piechota, prof. Dariusz Rosati, Marshal Olgierd Geblewicz and NCC President Dariusz Więcaszek - talking about BBF 2012 in Park Hotel SzczecinJacek Piechota, prof. Dariusz Rosati, Marshal Olgierd Geblewicz and NCC President Dariusz Więcaszek - talking about BBF 2012 in Park Hotel Szczecin
Thanks to the international conference of the Baltic Business Forum, for three days (25 to 27 April 2012) Świnoujście will become the European economic capital for the fourth time. The details of this prestigious assembly of European politicians, experts and businessmen were discussed during a press conference by Olgierd Geblewicz, Prof. Dariusz Rosati, Jacek Piechota and Dariusz Więcaszek.
We are expecting politicians, experts and businessmen from all over Western and Northern Europe, as well as from the East - Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Georgia, Armenia and Azerbaijan. - says Jacek Piechota, President of the Baltic Business Forum Association. However, the forum cannot be without local businesses. - he adds. For this reason, the organisers, in cooperation with the Marshal of the Westpomeranian Region, the President of the City of Świnoujście, the Polish Information and Foreign Investment Agency and the Northern Chamber of Commerce, arranged 70-percent discounts on the participant registration fee for Westpomeranian entrepreneurs. When registering on, the “Discount code” field should be filled in with the correct password. The entrepreneurs affiliated with the Northern Chamber of Commerce will receive the discount after writing the code PIG2012; the companies operating within the region of the city and commune of Świnoujście write the code UMSW; while the entities cooperating with the Westpomeranian Investors’ Assistance Center – the code COIE.
Why is it beneficial to take part in the Baltic Business Forum 2012? Each year, Świnoujście hosts the representatives of companies operating in various sectors of the market. This creates an excellent opportunity to present your package to potential partners or to find reliable subcontractors. - explains Jacek Piechota.
The co-organiser of the Baltic Business Forum 2012, the Marshal of the Westpomeranian Region, is primarily counting on local companies to find foreign partners during the forum. The forum provides the opportunity to present the Region’s economic potential. It is also, or maybe mainly, an opportunity to establish direct cooperation and expand integration with the states participating in the conference. -says Olgierd Geblewicz. The BBF conference is an opportunity to promote export and investment operations, a tool allowing direct contact by the entrepreneurs from various countries with the Westpomeranian companies interested in commercial trade. As proof, I can reveal that this year’s forum will be visited by several dozen entrepreneurs from China. This speaks for itself. - he acknowledges.
This year, all guests of the Baltic Business Forum will have access to the international cooperation exchange. This is a special Internet application, which will allow the participants to become mutually acquainted, and present their activity profiles and realised or planned investments before the forum begins. Such a solution will allow more effective use of the ability to establish business contacts. Every company participating in the forum will have its own virtual calendar. Through the application, it will be possible to submit a meeting proposal to a potential partner, and in the case of the inability to meet at the selected time, the system will compare both calendars and suggest another date and time suitable to both parties. - explains Jacek Piechota.
This year’s forum was divided into plenary sessions. In separate panels, the guests will discuss power engineering, logistics, banking and finances, telecommunications, information technology ecology, food-product trade and even the media. They will touch upon the issues of the conditions and barriers of merchandise, services and capital flow between east and west. All debates will be held in the modern congress centre Interferie Medical SPA in Świnoujście.
The organisers of the forum include the Baltic Business Forum Association, the Polish Information and Foreign Investment Agency, the President of the City of Świnoujście and the Marshal of the Westpomeranian Region. The event will be held under the honorary auspices of the Minister of the Economy, Waldemar Pawlak.
For more information, including the application form, please go to

Project funded by the European Regional Development Fund, within the Regional Operational Programme of Westpomeranian Region for the years 2007-2013.

Jacek Piechota, prof. Dariusz Rosati, Marshal Olgierd Geblewicz and NCC President Dariusz Więcaszek - talking about BBF 2012 in Park Hotel Szczecin

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